Educational Email Examples- To Help you Pass with Flying Colors

Digital marketing has become an essential part of every higher education institution’s marketing strategy. And apart from well-designed websites, email marketing is emerging as one of the most effective ways of promoting an education institution/ university.

With such great numbers to start with, as an email marketer, it is vital for you to craft great email templates that serve the purpose as well as encourage subscribers to enroll for a course.
Monks have collated some awesome educational email examples to help you boost the admission counts.

#1 Arizona State University

education emails

Creativity will always help you stand out from the crowd. Look closely to this email by ASU to get an idea of how they have crafted a creative email with the latest email marketing tactics.

The GIF at the top adds extra flavor to the email. On the other hand, the illustration is cherry on the cake. The social sharing link and the unsubscribe button gets this email a thumbs up!

What could’ve been better:

They could have provided the information in the footer in a better way.

#2 Salesforce Developers

education emails

This email by Salesforce is having all the necessary characteristics of a good email to grab the recipient’s attention. They have used attractive images with the right background contrast.

The heading is in bold text that makes it captivating enough to get the subscriber’s eyes hooked to it. The CTAs are placed in such a way that they call for immediate action.

What could’ve been better:
They could have included a “View Online” link in the email.

#3 Udemy

education emails

If you are looking for some holiday inspirational emails, then this one is the best example.
During holidays, you can promote an exciting limited time offer and create urgency with your email so that customers get compelled to take immediate action.

The good thing about this email is that they have used a single clear CTA. They have shared the popular courses to prompt the user to take action.

What could’ve been better:
The email looks very cluttered as it has no white space. Also, they have missed out on social media sharing links and unsubscribe button.

#4 Cambridge

education emails

It follows a minimalistic email design approach with sufficient whitespace that makes the email more readable for the recipient. The images are visually engaging for the reader. The CTA catches the attention of the subscriber and entices them to take action.

What could’ve been better:
Though the email follows most of the best practices, it could have been better with preheader text, View Online link and unsubscribe button.

#5 Masterclass

education emails

This email by MasterClass is a perfect example of minimalistic email with the same CTA placed in both the folds of the email. The header image with the play button is sure to catch the subscriber’s attention.

What could’ve been better:
They could’ve added interactivity to make the email look attractive.

#6 treehouse

education emails

The email has an attractive headline with relevant copy that can engage the readers better. The social sharing buttons in the footer encourage the subscriber to interact with the brand on other platforms except email.

What could’ve been better:
Adding an interactive hero image would have done wonders for them. Instead of giving all the information via email, adding a CTA redirecting to that information would be better. Alternatively, they could’ve used accordion feature to present stacked information.

Wrapping Up

We hope these inspirations will help you design email campaigns as good as these or even better. Be clear about the audience you are targeting and provide information the subscriber is expecting.

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