How Scott’s Cheap Flights sends 250,000 Emails a Day

Scott's Cheap Flights Email Marketing

Many companies rely on email for success. But few companies count on email to be as integral a part of what they do and how they operate as Scott’s Cheap Flights.

Founded by Scott Keyes, Scott’s Cheap Flights does exactly what it sounds like: It finds cheap flights on the internet and shares them with its subscriber list.

And this is no small list. We’re talking 250,000 emails per day.

As you might imagine, sending that many emails takes some serious power.

The challenge: Being personal at scale

Before coming over to ActiveCampaign, the Scott’s Cheap Flights team was using another email tool. For some tasks, it managed fine, but they ran into problems anytime they wanted to personalize email content.

Scott’s Cheap Flights needed to be able to send different content to free and premium members. And, free or premium, everyone has different travel interests and preferences.

Sending individual emails to everyone would take forever.

In order for their customers to get the most out of their service, Scott’s Cheap Flights was going to need to find a way to provide personalized, targeted emails without spending loads of time manually personalizing their messages.

The answer: Conditional content and great deliverability

One of the huge selling points of ActiveCampaign was the ability to create conditional content in emails. One of Scott’s Cheap Flights’ revenue sources is ads in their emails.

Of course, if you pay for the premium service, no more pesky ads. In the past, Scott’s Cheap Flights would need to configure two different emails—one for free subscribers that included ads and one for paid subscribers without the ads.

Since moving over to ActiveCampaign, they’ve been able to eliminate that duplicate work. Now they create one email and (using tags) only display the ads to free subscribers—saving the team tons of time.  

But personalization was more than just about free vs. premium subscribers.

Scott’s Cheap Flights wants to send their audience the most relevant content, and that means making accounting for preferences.

If a subscriber was more interested in traveling to South America, the team had to make sure that they saw every deal for destinations in South America.

Using tags, Scott’s Cheap Flights could show flights for the specific destinations that each contact was interested in. That let’s them sent exactly what each subscriber wants to see—and do it for hundreds of thousands of subscribers at a time.

Finally, ActiveCampaign’s reliability and deliverability standards have been a huge help for Scott’s Cheap Flights. When you send 250,000 emails per day, you need to make sure that your emails show up in people’s inboxes.

Luckily, ActiveCampaign has outstanding deliverability. In an independent study by Email Tool Tester, ActiveCampaign had the highest deliverability score—and the only score above 95%.

The results: 250,000 emails per day

“Scott’s Cheap Flights would be a shell of the business it is today without ActiveCampaign. With an email list hundreds of thousands strong, a powerful and dependable email client is essential for us to run our business.” – Scott Keyes

ActiveCampaign has helped Scott’s Cheap Flights grow its business, so that it now sends 250,000 emails a day.

Since emails are the product for Scott’s Cheap Flights, an outstanding email provider is critical. ActiveCampaign has helped the company create an outstanding subscriber experience—which in turn leads to subscribers referring their friends to the service.

By creating such a great user experience, Scott’s Cheap Flights has been able to generate a loyal audience of true fans who are responsible for so much of the company’s success.

These are the truly engaged subscribers. Not only are they more likely to click through Scott’s links, but they also prosthelytize and help spread the word for Scott’s Cheap Flights—creating more and more new subscribers every day.

“Having these emails go out exactly when they say they are, even with a quarter million emails a day, has been crucial for the growth because that leads to happy customers and that leads to them recommending Scott’s Cheap Flights to other people which leads to increased growth. It’s a real virtual circle.” – Scott Keyes.


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