How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy

Few things are more important in marketing than creating meaningful content. This is why many companies have changed their focus from how to improve their sales strategy to how to create a content marketing strategy! In the fast paced world of social media, it is more important than ever for companies to be present at their followers’ zero moment of truth. This can be incredibly stressful in terms of both creating meaningful content and delivering content when it is needed. The easy answer to combat both of these issues is to create a content calendar!

Crafting a Content Calendar

A content calendar is exactly what is sounds like: it is a snapshot of the next month that breaks down what, when, and where you are posting. In my opinion, it is one of the most important elements of a successful content strategy. This is because outlining this information makes it easy for your marketing team to ensure they have content ready to publish well before its scheduled posting date. This will result in your content always being high quality and impeccable!

Brainstorming Tips & Tricks

Perhaps the hardest part of this process is step one, brainstorming! Coming up with topics for blogs and social media channels can be challenging, but remember the goal is to create purposeful content that solves the needs of both your customers and your company. My favorite way to brainstorm is by utilizing every tool Google has to offer. A great way to create content that directly serves your customers’ needs is to comb through the results of Google’s “Autocomplete” and “Related To” features. If you have really hit a wall, try repurposing your most popular content indicated by your Google Analytics as well!

Need some extra assistance? No worries, our CEO has outlined the best tools Google has to offer just for you. Once you complete step one, the rest is a breeze! I’ve broken down the following steps in this infographic to ensure you can create the best content calendar possible. Happy creating!

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